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Timeline School, one of the reputed institutions of Kathmandu Valley which lies in the heart of Jorpati, Gokarneshwor -5. It was established in the year 2069 B.S, with the aim of offering the best available schooling services to the children of this locali...

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Online Class on Microsoft Teams Meeting
access_time 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM
event 2020-08-19 to 2020-12-03
place Gokarneshwor-5, Kathmandu
SEE 2076 Result
access_time 10:00 AM
event 2020-08-18 to 2020-08-18
place Gokarneshwor-5, Kathmandu
Second Terminal Examination Result
access_time 12:00 AM
event to
place Gokarneshwor-5, KTM


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