3 years ago
Dashain Festival In Nepal

Dashain Festival is one of the most observed Hindu celebration. Hindu follower across the world celebrate this festival superbly. This festival generally falls in the time of September or October and is commended for 10 days. And every single days signifies certain religious purpose. This year, Dashain festival starts from 17 October to 26 October 2020 as per the English calendar.

And according to Nepali calendar, the festival falls from 1 Kartik to 10 Kartik 2077 BS. Hindus most prominent celebration, Dashain respects an incredible triumph of the divine beings over the shrewd evil spirits. In the Nepalese household this festival is celebrated with loved and dear ones. Extended families gather together and feast on the food prepared at the House by the senior ladies of the house. All in all, it is perfect time for families who have not met each other for months to reconnect once again.